Andrew Escudero aka Sir Ace is based in Edinburg, Texas. His family have a long musical background. His grandfather can play almost every instrument  he can pick up. His father have a great singing voice. Sir Ace started in his early 20's. He started producing, recording, and performing when he was 22. He started by just experimenting with Cakewalk just for fun. He only wanted to make a few songs that he can show off to his friends, but he wasn't happy with the quality of those songs, so it encouraged him to learn more about music production and mixing songs. The more he learned, the more he grew his obsession with making music. Sir Ace mainly produces Hip-hop and R&B, but very capable of working with Pop and Indie artists. He likes making songs that are punchy, big, and smooth. Sir Ace like making songs that fit with today's music, but also distinctive and catchy enough to have its own sound. He always wanted the listeners to hear something familiar to what they already liked, but add something that gives the song its unique sound. As a Hip-hop producer, Sir Ace likes to listen to music outside his genre to get new inspiration. He listens to artists or bands like Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Bruno Mars, Travis Scott, Drake, Chris Brown, and Migos. He is inspired by producers like Timbaland, Mike Dean, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Mike Will, and DJ Mustard. He also studies engineers like Phil Tan, Leslie Brathwaite, Fabian Marasciullo, Dave Pensado, Mixed by Ali, and Jaycen Joshua. Sir Ace released a few albums and EP's in the past, but if you want to hear his best work, it would be his latest singles. So far, his best-released songs as an artist are Suspicion and Ups N Downs. His favorite songs that he produced are, Come Get Me by ILL Tactics, Secrets by Princess Cibeles, and Ora by One G. He produced, mixed, and mastered all of those songs. Sir Ace performed in a lot of small venues all over Texas, but the biggest stage he performed on is during the 2017 Spring Break at Clayton's Beach Bar and Grill in South Padre Island. He's currently producing, mixing, and mastering an album for One G. Sir Ace just finished producing another one of his own singles called "In This Together" that will be released on Aug 30, 2020. Sir Ace is also currently doing some mixing work for various local artists. 


"My family is very important to me. They are the main reason that I'm working as hard as I can. They are the reason I want to make music my full-time career. They are the reason that I'm not quitting. I love every single detail about music. I like it from writing the music, the combination of the right instruments, great-sounding mixes, and masters. I love how it connects with people emotionally. Especially right now more than ever. I create music to connect with people. I like seeing people vibe with my music. I like to create music people can relate to and music they can enjoy listening to."