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Sir Ace - Bring Back

Bring BackSir Ace
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12 Bar Blues 

12 Bar BluesSir Ace Production
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"Suspicion" w/ Lyrics 

Key: Bb

Time Signature:12/8

SuspicionSir Ace
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Escudero_Andrew_MP3 (Suspicion) Lead She
Escudero_Andrew_MP3 (Suspicion) Lead She
"Epic Nightmare" Hip-hop Cue - Sir Ace Productions
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Title: Suspicion


Concept: This song is about the singer telling his lover to not accuse him of cheating over suspicions. He is letting her know that there’s nothing to worry about and that she needs to stop believing all the rumours.


Writer: Andrew Escudero

Artist: Sir Ace

Genre/Style: Hip-hop/R&B/Pop

Key: Dm, D

Tempo: 80bpm



[Verse 1]

Why You listen to your friends 

They’re just jealous cause they know you have a man

I don’t really see the issue 

I Just told you on the phone that I miss you

I don’t wanna be your enemy 

All this jealousy is killing me 

I just need you to believe in me

I don’t need this type of energy


[Pre Chorus]

It’s not really what it look like, sound like, feel like, seem like 

Get it right 

Why you gotta treat me like I’m out of control 

Whoa, whoa, whoa

It’s not really what it look like, sound like, feel like, seem like 

Get it right 

Tell your besties that they need to mind their own 

Whoa, whoa, whoa 


Baby why you let suspicion 

Lead you to a bad decision 

Baby why you let suspicion 

Have you staying on a mission 

I don’t know what they talking bout. No no. 

They’re just telling lies for the clout. Oh no. 

They’re just jealous cause all of em solo  

Don’t let the rumours get through your head. No No 


[Verse 2]

I know it seems like I be wilding 

All these lies got me smiling 

I really think it’s kinda funny 

How you always checkin on me 

Girl, you’re the only one for me 

and you’re the only one I see 

There’s no other place I wanna be

But a place where there is you and me

[Pre Chorus]



I might’ve cheated on my ex, but I can’t with you. 

And all I ever do is have you in my mind 

And all I wanna do is hang with you. 

I promise baby that everthing’s alright 

And everything you heard, they ain’t true 

And I don’t even know where they get those lies 

So baby tell me why we can’t be cool 

So tell me what can I do

[Pre Chorus]



"Epic Nightmare" Hip-hop Cue

            Epic Nightmare is a hip-hop cue with a catchy hook that can fit into many soundtracks, commercials, film background music, sports highlights, video game screen menus, and more variety of applications. In this cue, I used a lot of orchestral instruments. The tempo in this track is 77 bpm. The key signature is in G minor and the time signature is in quadruple simple meter, which is 4/4. 


            I used a 4 bar chord progression on this track. I usually keep it simple by using whole note chords with 4 or 8 bar progressions, but on this track I used half note chords per bar. Lately I been a fan of using harmonic minor chords, so the chord progression for this track is i, V, i, V, i, V, i, V, i, viiº. The i chord is the tonic which is G minor, The V chord is the dominant chord which is a D Major, and the viiº chord is a F# diminished chord which is the leading chord before it goes back to tonic.


            This track is centered around the drums and the 808’s. As far as instrumentations, I used mostly Logic Pro X’s stock plugins and instruments except for Kontakt. I have 1 track that contains the Kontakt sampler which used for bouncing a sample of a lady barking and meowing alternately. I felt like that sample what gave that track its unique character. I’m a big fan of using quirky vocal samples. You can hear it in most of my productions. The rest of the track are orchestral instruments except the 808’s and the main drums, which is the Atlanta drum kit. Other than that, I used a roto tom, taiko drum, wood block, two different type of bells, French horns, violins, mellotron, cymbal, and a triangle.


            It took me a total of 3 hours working on this track. I take breaks between hours so I can have a fresh mind or I work on a different project or bounce back and forth between sessions every hour. On this track, the first hour is just focused on layering instruments, that’s when I focus on the musical aspects like chords, melody, rhythm, instrumentations. The second hour, I focus more on arranging and adding transitions. Finally, the last hour I do all the mixing, and the final touches to the track, and master it so it will be at its best quality. 

Odd Meter Track

Odd Meter Track - Sir Ace
00:00 / 00:00

 With this project, I wanted to make something that sounds familiar to todays hip-hop, but also unusual.  I also wanted to make something that's complex and simple in the same time. I spent most of my time looking for the right instruments for this track. I like using sounds that are easy to listen to, but I also wanted to make a track that have enough transients to thump in the club. 


The first thing I started working on was the drums. The tempo for this track is  at 84 bpm and the time signature is set to 5/4. One of the key ingredients for this track to stand out is that, it’s an odd meter track. Most modern hip-hop songs are using 4/4 or 4/8. An odd meter time signature gives it an unusual groove.  I used a trap style drums, and that’s one of the key ingredients to make this song sound familiar. Thats what's the unusual and familiar comes from. Trap beats are the most requested type of beats by a lot of rap artists nowadays. The drum instrument selection is what gives this track that distinctive sound. I used two 808’s for this track. Each 808 have a different purpose. One has a lower frequency and the other have more distortion. The first one is a stock 808 sound from Logic’s Alchemy which has a low pass filter to get rid of some of the top end so it sounds cleaner when you hear it from the subs and the other is a distorted 808 from my 808 collection folder which has a high pass filter getting that's getting rid of a lot of low end to put more emphasis on the distortion so you can hear it better from smaller listening device like phones and tablets. 


Most of the track is in the key signature of E minor and the last 8 bars of the track is a parallel key which is in E major. The E minor gives it a darker sound, so when it the E major section comes on, it brightens up the whole song. I used an electric piano for most of the melody on this track, then I switched  it to a mellotron for the last 8 bars to give it a classical vibe. The first 8 bars are labeled as section A, which I considered the hook. Section B have 16 bars that I considered the verse. Section C is the bright part of the song that can be used as a bridge, outro, or an intro. I like to give the client a chance to make that decision. 

Section A chords was in em / em7 / am / bm7 repeated twice. Section B is in em / em7 / am / f#o repeated 4 times. Section C is parallel to Section A which I used E / E7 / A / B7.  The melody for this track is a combination of an interval, ascending, and an arch melody.  For the chords I used a combination of 2 pads. The first pad I used is a simple space pad from Alchemy. The second pad, I synthesized it with a retro synthesizer which have a slow enough attack to make it sound reversed even if it’s not. Also, in section C I added some synth bells that I spent a couple of hours on getting the right sound. I did not use presets on the synthesizers. I tweaked them myself. 


I have 2 audio tracks for this project. I recorded chants to give the track character. The other is a producer tag that I recorded through pro tools which I tracked going through a LA-2A compressor with 2 to 3db of gain reduction. I wanted to record a vocal that serves as an instrument, so it will still have room for a lead and more background vocals. Recording the chants was a quick process. I keep everything connected in my studio. I designed my studio for a faster workflow. The less time I have to spend being all over the room, the more time I can spend being creative. When I record myself, I have an app in my IPad that can control most of DAW’s that I used to control Logic and Pro Tools that makes recording myself easier. This app is called V-Control. This app allows you to control the DAW from the booth.  


I have an EQ on all the tracks except for the synth bells since I synthesized it myself while looping that particular section. The only thing I have on it is a flanger directly on the track to let the bells bounce back and forth from the left and the right speakers. Mixing this track was pretty simple, because I took my time picking the right instruments that work well together. The EQ’s I used are to notch out frequencies I don’t like. I have a compressor on the kick with 5db of gain reduction to give it more punch. I also have a light compression on the snares. I side chained the low 808’s to the kick since they share a lot of frequencies around 150hz, so when the kick hits, it dips the attack on the low 808’s. This technique helps both kick and the 808’s the cut through the speakers better. I also routed all the drums to the drum bus to parallel compressed them. Parallel compression makes the drums pop more on the track. The clap and the main melody have sends to chorus but very subtle. The chants in the track have the most processing. I have an eq, compressor, gate, stereo spread, distortion, reverb, an 8thnote delay, and a flanger. The producer tag have a desser, band pass filter, stereo spread, reverb, flanger, and a tape delay. I also side chained the tape delay with the vocals, so I don’t have  to automate it.  

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